Analytics :

-Dissolution and physical test systems
-Gas Generators
-Gas chromatography ( GC/GCMS)
-Gas chromatography 3Q Spectrometer ( GCMSMS)
-ICP spectrometers ( ICP -OES/ICP-MS)
-Microchip Electrophoresis system
-Automatic sample preparation system
-particle analyzer (Aggregate sizar / SALD)
-liquid chromatography (HPLC/LCMS)

-Liquid chromatography 3Q spectrometer (LCMSMS)
-Spectrophotometer (AA)
-Spectrophotometer (FTIR)
-Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS / RF)
-Thermal analysis system ( DSC/DTG/TGA/TMA)
-total organic carbon analyzers ( TOC)
-X-Ray spectrometer ( EDX/XRF/XRD)
-Surface analyzers (SPM /AFM /XPS)

Life Science :​​​​​​​

-Applied biosystem contaminant impurity QC Test
-Aseptic transfer solutions
-Biological safety cabinets and laminar follow (LAF) Cabinets
-Bioprocess Chromatography column
-Bioprocess Resin
-Bioreactor / Fermenters
-CO2 and multi-gas incubators
-freezers and refrigerators
-Gibco cell coulter media
-cellular imaging systems
-Air conditioning test cabinets

-Invitrogen western blotting system and consumables
-laboratory type dishwashers
- microplate readers and automation
-sample preparation systems
- automated cell culture analyzer
-PCR-Thermal cycler systems, enzymes and master mixes
-Pure water systems
-disposable bioprocess technologies

Consumption : ​​​​​​​

-GC Accessories
- GC Column
- HPLC Column
-Contamination control products
- Reference standards
- Syringe tip and membrane filters
-spectrophotometer cuvettes
-Vial , Cap and septum ( for HPLC , GC , HS , TOC)

General laboratory :​​​​​​​

-aseptic transfer
-climatic test cabinets
-CO2 and multi gas incubators
-cryopreservation systems & accessories
-freezer & refrigerators
-heating cooling block
-high volume refrigerated incubators
-hotplates and stirrers

-isolation technology
-PH Meter
-Sterilizers / ovens
-ultrasonic bath
- vortex
-water bath & circulators
-water purification system

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